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TellOFH.Smg.Com: Are you a regular customer of Orscheln Farm and Home Survey? Well, did you ever tried participating in the survey provided by the company? Whatever the answer might be, let’s learn the details regarding the TellOFH.Smg.Com survey process and many more over here.

The very first why any company likes to conduct the survey? Only to learn about customer opinions or thoughts?

No, along with these details, the store is going to apply their suggestions to improve its growth and reach a high level of customer satisfaction. Hence while visiting the Orscheln Farm & Home Survey official page, make sure you satisfy the below requirements and ready to answer honestly all the questions provided through it. Isn’t interesting? If yes, let’s start going through each and every single detail shared below.

About TellOFH.Smg.Com

TellOFH.Smg.Com is considered as an online survey introduced by the company Orscheln Farm and Home. This has been taken place in the United States of America. Before learning about this survey, let’s go through a few important details about the Orscheln Farm and Home Co. Basically it is considered as an American food and grocery store that completely looks after in providing fresh farm and goods. This might be introduced in the year 1960 but now if you have been observed, there are around 175+ located all around the United States of America.


Things like apparel, clothing, dick sporting goods, automotive, and many more were well operated. In order to learn the customer’s thoughts or opinions or level of satisfaction, they introduced the one and only online survey called TellOFH.Smg.Com. Through this, you have an opportunity to share all your feedback with 100% honest and also complaints if any. Later after completing the survey process, candidates are going to get appreciation in terms of survey price none other than coupons. These are what can be redeemed on making the next purchase successfully. Apart from these details, let’s get deeper now.

Orscheln Farm & Home Survey Details

To learn the survey details in a single instance, go through the below table now itself for saving all your valuable time. So, check the survey details shared in the form of the table right below.

Name of the Survey TellOFH.Smg.Com/ Orscheln Farm & Home Survey
Entry Method Online
Purchase Required to Enter? Yes
Location The United States of America
Age Factor A person who is aged around 18 years or above 18 was eligible.
Is the Survey process easy? Yes, it is easy and simple.
Survey Prize Details Has an opportunity to win Coupons
Where to enter?

TellOFH.Smg.Com Survey Prize Details

Whoever takes a part in the survey going to win the Orscheln farm and home coupons that can be redeemed at the next purchase. But make sure you redeem within the validity period.

TellOFH.Smg.Com – Welcome To Orscheln Farm & Home Survey

Finally, we have come to the point. Let’s learn the simple steps which help us in participating in the survey process online very fast and easily. Hence here we go.

  • Initially, you are requested to open the browser and visit its official website Or else just copy and paste the link directly in the search bar and tap the key enter.

  • Pick the language either English or Espanol as per your need.
  • Now start filling up the details like store number, date, time, transaction number, the amount spent which were however available in the receipt you have taken at the recent purchase.
  • After filling in the details correctly, click on the start button displayed on the screen.
  • Answer the questions one by one with the utmost honest by sharing the level of satisfaction.

  • Give your ratings and answer one by one following the next button that is present on the screen.

  • Also, fill out the personal information in order to take a chance of winning the Orscheln coupons/ rewards respectively.
  • Finally, click on submit.

Within a less amount of the time post-submit process, you are going to receive the Orscheln Farm & Home coupon code that can be redeemed in the next purchase. But make sure you redeem the code before the validity period ends.

TellOFH.Smg.Com Rules and Eligibility Criteria

Going through these details is very important if you like to take a chance in participating in the survey. So, are you ready to go through? If your answer is yes, let’s go right away.

  • The person who is likely to participate in the survey must be a resident of the United States of America.
  • Whoever participates must be aged around either 18 years or above 18.
  • Before you start the survey must and should come with a valid receipt.
  • An employee or employee’s friends or relatives were not eligible to participate.
  • One must aware of the language of English/ Espanol to participate in the survey.
  • Need any smart device to access.
  • Need the supportable web browser.
  • Internet connection with a strong signal is compulsory.

TellOFH.Smg.Com Contact Details

For any suggestions/ complaints, you can contact me through the below details at any time. Hence let’s go through the details now.

  • Orscheln Farm & Home Survey contact number: (800) 577-2580
  • Orscheln Farm & Home Survey Fax Number: (660) 269-3500


The Name of the U.S. Mail: Orscheln Farm & Home
1800 Overcenter Drive
Moberly, MO 65270 United States of America.

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I hope the details shared here are very clear and understandable. If you have any doubts, can ask us at any time. We will help in explaining each and every single thing in detail. Apart from this, if you like to learn other surveys, stay in touch with TheWorkSpaceToday in order to learn the needful things shared over here.

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