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    Telemedicine: Putting Young Patients at the Center of Care


    2018.01.10 When you are stressed about being late for work or missing work altogether because your child is sick... Read More »

    How You Are Working is Flawed


    2017.12.21 The generally accepted norm for being productive is based on a broken concept. We wear 80-hour work weeks... Read More »

    The Demise of the Button

    Facilities/Operations Federal Information Technology State and Local

    2017.12.20 Rather than slow down, the evolution of technology seems to be speeding up. Case in point: In just... Read More »

    Students are the New Teachers


    2017.12.20 Technology is turning education on its head. The days of a teacher talking at the front of the... Read More »

    A Bright Future for Flex Work

    Federal Human Resources State and Local

    2017.12.20 Flex work has had its fair share of nay-sayers. High-profile companies like IBM and Yahoo have even discontinued... Read More »

    Telehealth Adoption Escalates, Becomes More Mobile


    2017.12.20 The healthcare industry has definitely begun to reap the early benefits of delivering healthcare services over long distances... Read More »

    The Burgeoning Gig Economy

    C-Suite Engineering/R&D Human Resources Information Technology Marketing and Sales

    2017.12.20 In nearly every business function—marketing, engineering, data science, IT, etc.—there is a range of skills that are difficult... Read More »

    The Future of Video Conferencing: Transforming How We Connect in our Daily Lives


    2017.12.20 Healthcare, education, business and even government entities have realized the benefits of connecting people over long distances, and... Read More »