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When Students do the Teaching, they Educate the Educators

Written on September 29, 2016 at 12:00 pm by

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District has long pioneered innovative use of video and UC in the… Read More »

Study Shows Tele-ICU methods may reduce costs and improve care

Written on February 18, 2016 at 4:15 pm by

In a recent study conducted at UC Davis, it was found that tele-ICU models are not only cost… Read More »

Access to education the topic of conversation at TTVN Annual Conference

Written on February 12, 2013 at 3:34 pm by

In previous posts on Fed UC, we’ve discussed how video teleconferencing (VTC) is increasing access to… Read More »

Video delivers educational content to students everywhere

Written on December 11, 2012 at 4:05 pm by

In our last post on Fed UC, we shared the first part of a video conversation that… Read More »

Alaskan high schools use VTC to provide innovative educational experiences

Written on December 6, 2012 at 4:18 pm by

In a previous post on Fed UC, we discussed how video teleconferencing (VTC) solutions can be… Read More »

Video teleconferencing in the classroom – what teachers need to know

Written on November 13, 2012 at 6:21 pm by

In previous posts on FedUC, we’ve discussed the benefits that today’s video teleconferencing (VTC) technologies can deliver… Read More »