Thank you for visiting WorkSpace Today. We’ve launched this publication to help address an enormous challenge. The structure of most medium to large sized organizations today is a carry over from the industrial age, and is not designed to maximize human potential.

Historically, most organizational lines of business – finance, marketing, sales, IT, HR, etc – had linear, hierarchical command and control structures that made sense in a bygone era. Roughly speaking, a pyramid structure that placed all the strategy and decision-making with a few executives at the top, and most of the rote execution with more numerous workers in the middle and bottom.

But knowledge work has dramatically evolved. Today real-time access to information is paramount for quick and effective decision-making. Problem solving is done by teams, and the benefits of collaboration have proven successful for every functioning department from the manufacturing plant to the boardroom.

For the first time in history, video collaboration tools are widely available and affordable for companies of all sizes. Inserting video tools into outdated workspace processes will free up business performance and employee productivity.

The goal at Workspace Today is to show you what happens to all facets of business performance – bottom lines, top lines, employee productivity and satisfaction, product development, marketing and more – when enhanced collaboration solutions are embedded into the fiber of workflow processes.

Please join us on this journey as we zero in on specific workspace challenges across multiple industries, and demonstrate how video unleashes both human potential and corporate profitability. We’ll explore the process and highlight success stories.

We hope you let WorkSpace Today act as your road map for improved productivity and performance through visual collaboration. That’s the ticket for success in this century.

We’d like to hear from you — your workspace successes, challenges and what you’d like to see published by WorkSpace Today. Email us at .img@.img.