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    Your Open Office is Killing an Untapped Source of Innovation: Your Introverts

    C-Suite Engineering/R&D Facilities/Operations Human Resources Information Technology State and Local

    2017.09.21 You’ve ditched the cubicles, designed an open floor plan, and scheduled regular brainstorming sessions for your engineering team... Read More »

    Podcast: The Power of Fun in the Workplace

    C-Suite Human Resources Podcasts

    2017.09.18 Who says the workplace shouldn’t be fun? How can simple changes impact productivity?  Best-selling author Dave Crenshaw joins... Read More »

    Is Device-as-a-Service the Right Way to Buy Desktop Phones for Your Business?

    Finance Information Technology

    2017.09.14 Over the past decade, more and more IT products and services have moved to a cloud-based, as-a-Service delivery... Read More »

    Don’t Trivialize the Workplace of the Future – Build It

    C-Suite Human Resources Information Technology

    2017.09.13 Kathy Bloomgarden, CEO of the PR firm Ruder Finn, is tired of people misusing the term Workplace of... Read More »

    Are we leaving history behind in the digital classroom?

    Education Human Resources

    2017.09.11 As organizations have become increasingly digital, their needs have evolved significantly. With a focus on constantly improving the... Read More »

    Don’t Let Unhappy Employees Destroy Your Bottom Line


    2017.09.07 There’s been a pendulum shift in recent years with companies investing in initiatives that are more employee centric... Read More »

    Learning to Embrace Disruption

    C-Suite Engineering/R&D

    2017.09.06 The digital transformation that modern businesses are going through has many vertical market leaders running scared. Everyone knows... Read More »