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    Universities Leverage Live Video to Save Time, Costs for Students and Staff


    2018.03.24 Universities face significant challenges to operate more efficiently and deliver programs that attract talented students. Many universities are... Read More »

    Telemedicine: Putting Young Patients at the Center of Care


    2018.01.10 When you are stressed about being late for work or missing work altogether because your child is sick... Read More »

    How You Are Working is Flawed


    2017.12.21 The generally accepted norm for being productive is based on a broken concept. We wear 80-hour work weeks... Read More »

    The Demise of the Button

    Facilities/Operations Federal Information Technology State and Local

    2017.12.20 Rather than slow down, the evolution of technology seems to be speeding up. Case in point: In just... Read More »

    Students are the New Teachers


    2017.12.20 Technology is turning education on its head. The days of a teacher talking at the front of the... Read More »

    A Bright Future for Flex Work

    Federal Human Resources State and Local

    2017.12.20 Flex work has had its fair share of nay-sayers. High-profile companies like IBM and Yahoo have even discontinued... Read More »

    Telehealth Adoption Escalates, Becomes More Mobile


    2017.12.20 The healthcare industry has definitely begun to reap the early benefits of delivering healthcare services over long distances... Read More »

    The Burgeoning Gig Economy

    C-Suite Engineering/R&D Human Resources Information Technology Marketing and Sales

    2017.12.20 In nearly every business function—marketing, engineering, data science, IT, etc.—there is a range of skills that are difficult... Read More »