The workplace as we know it has changed vastly in the last decade. Not only are we seeing trends such as the freelance economy and the increasing adoption of ‘anywhere working’ policies on the rise, but the ways in how we collaborate and communicate have also transformed.

Today’s workforce is extremely agile and collaborative – we live in a cloud-first and mobile-first world and these technologies are driving the digital transformation of the workplace and people’s expectations of their meeting experiences. It’s now not just about bringing people together with technology but about producing meaningful outcomes –such as enabling decisions to be made faster, financial results to be shared, designs to be compared, videos to be edited. We’re also seeing the growth of voice-activated commands making their way into the enterprise and changing how work gets done.

Research firm Frost & Sullivan highlights that we have now moved on to a new era of workplace collaboration, driven by intelligent devices, cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence. As part of the firm’s research, several CIOs in Asia Pacific (APAC) were asked which tools and solutions were important in driving digital transformation efforts. Collaboration tools were rated the second most important after data analytics, a critical consideration in empowering employees and creating a dynamic workplace.

“Tools such as video conferencing are important in the workplace of the future as audio only meetings are not satisfying the needs of today’s digital users,” says Audrey William – head of Research and Senior Fellow, ICT Practice Australia & New Zealand at Frost & Sullivan. “If organisations don’t bring in the human collaboration element into meetings, then productivity will be greatly lacking.”

In this new webinar, Audrey explores the digital transformation trends impacting APAC workplaces, discussing the impact of Cloud, Mobility, and AI in creating smarter working practices. Take 20 minutes to gain insights on the collaboration tools and environments enabling digital workers to increase productivity and understand why new workspaces, such as huddle rooms, are gaining popularity.

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