Video is going mainstream. You might have heard that before, in other years, but as I walk the Enterprise Connect convention floor here in Orlando in 2018, Video as a Service collaboration platforms are everywhere. There’s Skype for Business, Zoom, BlueJeans, and many others. The challenge is deciding which one is best for you.

In truth, most are very solid platforms. They launch easily and quickly on your laptop, and most users find the experiences very positive. I’ve used most of them myself, and have seen very few technical challenges: the content is clear, people join and drop as needed, and the work gets done. But we don’t just join meetings from our laptops – the room still matters.  And things get more interesting when you try to bring that collaboration experience into a conference room, where group sound quality and video quality on larger screens and who can see what gets put to the test. We’ve all tried the hack of putting a laptop in a huddle space with a few people crouched around to see content and participate in the meeting – and you know how lackluster that experience can be.  The “dial tone” provided by the VaaS platforms may be great, but a group experience needs something more. And that’s where Polycom’s innovation and experience shines.  We bring purpose-built room solutions together with the ease of the laptop experience. You can see and hear with high human-to-human fidelity, AND meetings are visible in the calendar, and are simple to join.

Polycom has been on a journey to give all users, regardless of platform, the best in-room meeting experience possible. We have close to 15 years of experience partnering with Microsoft and we’ve recently partnered with Zoom and BlueJeans as well. Polycom Trio and Group Series have been integrated into the service to give customers of these platforms that topnotch experience they need in the conference room. What’s more, both of the Polycom solutions can be dual registered at the same time.  Do you use Skype for Business for your internal meetings and Zoom or BlueJeans when you are meeting with an outside firm? No problem. Just dual register your Polycom device to both services and users can click to join their meeting of choice at the time of the meeting.

Voice and video quality is everything. It will make or break your meeting every time. It defines whether you view your time spent as productive or a complete waste of time. With over 25 years in the communications space, Polycom’s commitment to excellence and continued voice and video innovation can get your meeting mojo on. Look for us to add more partners in 2018 and visit us at to learn more.