When you are stressed about being late for work or missing work altogether because your child is sick and you need to bring him or her to the hospital, life becomes, well, complicated.  Now what happens if the hospital is hours away?  More stress for parent and child.

 A few years ago, Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO recognized the issue for parents and patients and decided to invest in telemedicine.  “We make the child patient the center of all care,”  says Dr. Laura Fitzmaurice, Chief Medical Information Officer. “We allow the patients to get the care they need from where they want to get it.” 

Telemedicine is a key part of the hospital’s care plan for their patients.  From telepsychiatry to nutrition to cardiologists and general practitioners, Children’s Mercy has an extensive list of pediatric specialties available for patients, no matter what the distance is they live from the hospital.  Even with such an impressive list of services, the compassionate staff is looking forward to the future.  “We plan on providing videoconferencing for developmental-behavioral services to schools; I’d love to see us in all schools to reach kids in need,” Morgan Waller, Director of Telemedicine said. 

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