UCS 5.7.0 is now available and includes exciting new features for Open SIP and Skype for Business Customers

Polycom UCS 5.7.0 is the telecommunications industry’s broadest and most feature rich software for IP-enabled devices running in Open SIP or Skype for Business environments. It enables our partners and customers to manage their communications easily and efficiently all via their Polycom desktop phones.

NEW! The latest release UCS 5.7.0 launched now includes several Open SIP features such as:

  • Bluetooth Smartphone Pairing allows users to pair their smartphone with a VVX 600 or VVX 601 business media phone using the built in Bluetooth radio.   This solution is ideal for busy managers who want to escalate a call to hands-free mode using the high-quality microphone and speakers of their VVX.  Once paired the user can answer, reject, or end a call and dial from their VVX phone by setting the VVX phone as an audio device.
  • Enhanced 911 Location Support: allows administrators to share location details of the phone with 911 operators to dispatch emergency services and improve safety.  When someone dials 9-1-1 from a VVX Business Media Phone an automated message carrying the location of phones routes the 9-1-1 call to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point so that first responders know where to go when they arrive on-site during an emergency.
  • Other key OpenSIP simplification and productivity enhancements for this release include:  OpenSIP Support for OpenLDAP directory protocol, User Control of Acoustic Fence, New UI for in-progress calls to name just a few.   This release also features a number of administrator enhancements and OpenSIP BroadSoft user experience updates to more tightly align with BroadSoft’s UC One Client.

For Skype for Business deployments, UCS 5.7.0 delivers enhancements to tighten our already deep integration with Microsoft.  Highlights include:

  • Hot Desking—our most requested feature enhancement –enables the end users to sign into a phone as a guest. This can be done for phones with regular SfB accounts or for Common Area Phones. This is a common requirement for companies where employees travel to remote branches on a regular basis or for offices with many shift-based workers.
  • Manual BToE Pairing—is useful to connect Wi-Fi enabled laptops and Virtual Desktop Environments seamlessly to your Skype for Business phones to easily make and answer calls.
  • Other Skype for Business features in this release include: SfB Web Proxy support (WPAD), Common Area Phone (for On-Premise and Online) and SILK Codec support (VVX 501 and 601 only).  These features enhance the Skype for Business Experience on VVX phones deployed on Microsoft Phone System in Office 365 (Cloud PBX) and meet the latest requirements from Microsoft for their 3rd Party Interop Program (3PIP).

To learn more about the new UCS 5.7.0 capabilities please read the entire UCS Features Summary or visit us on the Polycom voice page.  You can also download the software now from the Polycom support site.