Alexa, start my meeting…..

That’s right, Polycom customers; we are creating a world where you will be able to ask Amazon’s Alexa for more than just the weather, traffic or to play music.

On Thursday, Polycom CTO Greg Pelton joined the Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2017 Conference in Las Vegas to demo Alexa for Business controlling Polycom’s Group Series video conference solution. This use of natural language creates the first “no touch” video conference experience bringing a new level of simplicity and ease of use to video conferencing in the future.

Voice or natural language control has surged in popularity with consumers over the past five years. Whether it is Alexa, Siri or Cortana, consumers are controlling their phones, music and cars using natural language. These innovations have made many things simpler and easier for everyday tasks, and now, Polycom is leading the way to include them in meeting spaces.

Watch this video to see how easy video conferencing will be using Alexa for Business:

Pretty simple, isn’t it? These are the kinds of innovations that Polycom is driving to make every collaboration experience as easy as possible. The new generation of worker prefers to work in teams to solve business problems, and they prefer simple tools to collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners. We heard them, and with Alexa for Business, we are delivering the best experience yet.

Stay tuned. Right now, several companies are already testing this great feature as we gather feedback from customers. We will keep you updated on next steps.

Alexa, end this blog post.