Have you ever been one of several people trying to have a productive video call huddled around a single laptop?  You’re not alone. Thanks to cloud video solutions like BlueJeans, you can easily connect to a video call from your laptop or mobile device simply by clicking a link. This is a terrific experience… except when you’re not the only one in the room.

It’s a pretty cramped environment if you’re huddled around the same laptop as five other people – or a pretty isolating experience if you’re in the same room, each peering into five separate screens.  If you’re the one joining from the far end, your experience is even worse:  you can’t see the context or all participants at once, and they certainly aren’t able to see you very well, either.

That’s why Polycom is taking the lead in working with Video as a Service (VaaS) providers to make the group video experience easier and better. Today, Polycom is announcing a partnership with BlueJeans to give their users the Polycom video experience in the conference room.

We have certified our video conferencing room systems, including RealPresence Group Series and RealPresence Debut, to ensure that BlueJeans customers can bring their cloud meetings to a Polycom conference room with confidence and enjoy the benefits of our enterprise-class audio and video technology. Accessing a BlueJeans call from a Polycom device is still just a click away – and now it comes with industry leading innovations like NoiseBlock, HD Voice, and artificial intelligence baked into Polycom’s cameras.

Best of all, those colleagues that were sharing your laptop? They’re each 3-5 feet away, comfortably working together with you like humans, with everyone in the camera shot.

Polycom’s alliance with BlueJeans reflects our commitment to expanding choices for customers – to making it easy for customers to choose a VaaS provider and outfit their conference rooms with the best in-room meeting experience in the market today.