Today, you’ve probably read about Polycom’s new and expanded phone announcements. While we didn’t make these announcements from inside a spaceship-like building in Cupertino, California, we do like to think that the work we’ve done to change communications in the office has had an impact not too different from the way the iPhone has changed our expectations of mobile phones.

What our announcement didn’t really get into is some of the nitty gritty details of just what makes the Polycom Trio 8500, Polycom Trio 8800, and Polycom VoxBox so special.  So, here’s a little more detail on just why these phones really matter and what makes them different.

Audio Quality

Twenty-five years ago when Polycom introduced the first modern conference phone, the Soundstation, we chose the now iconic triangular, 3-legged shape not just for aesthetics, but for the basic science of acoustics.  Polycom founder Jeff Rodman explains that “with 3 or more directional microphones, it intelligently adapts and steers the pickup pattern that lets it find and focus on the active talker and cut out most room noise and reverberation.”  That same maniacal attention to audio detail has been a hallmark of Polycom since then, and is reflected in all three models.  Oh, and there’s so much more:

  • Trio 8500’s 14KHz of HD room-filling audio means your ears won’t be tired of listening to the meeting even when your brain is ready to shut off
  • 14-foot pickup range makes Trio 8500 THE new standard for small to medium meeting rooms
  • Noiseblock technology automatically eliminates the rat-a-tap-tap of Jane’s keyboard or Bob’s delicious but obnoxious bag of chips during your meetings
  • Don’t let VoxBox’s ultra-compact design fool you. It packs a big audio punch with four microphones that give you a 10-foot pickup range


Many of the original Soundstations sold twenty-five years ago are still in use today.  That’s because Polycom builds devices with the future in mind.  We can only speculate how people will be collaborating 25 years from now but we are prepping your meeting rooms to meet new challenges head-on.

  • Pair that shiny new smartphone or any other personal device through Bluetooth wireless pairing, USB connectivity or IP (Trio family only)
  • Visual+ accessory and a USB web-camera will be available for Trio 8500 in Q4 so you can see the reactions as you share your death by PowerPoint presentation
  • New 12x MPTZ high-def camera will be available for Trio 8800 in Q4 for those larger rooms
  • Share content in your meeting room with Trio 8800 from your Apple AirPlay and Miracast devices in Q4

Works across call platforms

You shouldn’t have to worry about technologies working together properly and Polycom totally gets that.  Our products are based on open standards so you can use leading open SIP and video platforms including cloud-based audio platforms such as Microsoft, Zoom, Cisco, Avaya, Broadsoft and others.

  • The ONLY audio conference phones to be certified by Microsoft for both Skype for Business and Office 365
  • New hybrid registration capability throughout the Trio line lets you easily migrate between open SIP and Skype for Business environments

This refresh enhances the keystone for collaboration: audio.  Isn’t it time you experienced the difference at the office? Learn more about the Trio family and VoxBox.