Polycom RealPresence Group Series Becomes First Standards-Based Video Solution to Earn Microsoft Office 365 Certification

In today’s world of collaboration, it feels like every vendor is claiming that their solutions work with Skype for Business and Office 365. But is this really true? Is Microsoft certification a big deal? Polycom thinks so and we’re putting our investments into getting all our products certified on Skype for Business and Office 365.

We are obsessed with ensuring that any Skype for Business or Office 365 user can use a Polycom voice or video device and experience their natural Skype for Business experience.  This means the workflow is the same, the look and feel (Skype user interface) is familiar and the integration into Outlook, Active Directory and Buddy lists remain unchanged.  In a nutshell, it means Skype for Business and Office 365 users can enjoy the best communications devices with their collaboration platform.

So why does certification matter?

  1. A great experience. Certification means that the device is going to deliver the ultimate customer experience – it will extend the Skype for Business and Office 365 experience right to your device.
  2. Support. If you need the support, Microsoft will answer your call. Microsoft will only support certified devices
  3. Microsoft endorsement. It’s listed on Microsoft’s TechNet site and the Skype for Business Partner Solution Catalog as for Skype for Business online/Office 365.  This means you can feel assured that Microsoft has tested and retested to make sure that the customer experience using that device is excellent.
  4. Software updates. If Microsoft updates its software, your device won’t stop working.  Think about how often Microsoft, like every cloud vendor, updates and enhances its software.  Without certification and that direct connect between a vendor and Microsoft, there is no guarantee that your device will continue to work with the new software update.
  5. Confidence. Ultimately, if you are the decision-maker in your organization, won’t it feel better to choose devices that have been blessed by Microsoft?

For more information on how RealPresence Group Series or other Polycom devices work with Skype for Business and Office 365, please visit our press release page.

 Polycom has been on this journey with Microsoft for over 14 years and has developed over 40 certified solutions that directly integrate with Skype for Business on premises and Office 365, Microsoft Lync, Active Directory and Exchange.