Among the many lessons we’ve learnt over the more than 25 years that we’ve been offering training to Polycom customers, are the importance of starting early, and delivering training in a format that best fits the way the recipient wants to learn.

Why start early?

Experience shows that where you have trained audio and video administrators, your collaboration environment will give you the success, reach and person-to-person connection that you envisioned when you made the initial investment.  And many organizations have come to realize (often after the fact) that training for their technical support personnel should have been part of the original project plan to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI).

The same considerations apply if you’re an end user of Polycom solutions.  Whenever a new collaboration technology or video or audio endpoint is introduced by your organization, there will be features you’ll need to be fully aware of and comfortable with to maximize your usage and adoption.  That’s why we offer so many quick, easy and free-to-access online video tutorials to help you get the best possible experience from our solutions.

Which format works best for you?

While the training needs of many end users can be met through video tutorials, more advanced users require more in-depth training. Traditionally these have tended to be classroom based, and you can still attend instructor-led courses held in Polycom classrooms around the globe, where you can interact face-to-face with certified instructors and get practical hands-on experience with our solutions.

But Polycom University also now offers a much more comprehensive range of online formats, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience. These include:

  • Virtual instructor-led courses delivered remotely with live interaction, which offer in-depth training without the need to travel
  • Free e-learning courses that can be completed in five minutes to an hour
  • Self-study modules to improve your knowledge and skills, or as preparation for more advanced courses
  • Remote labs for hands-on lab access at your own pace
  • Customized courses for your specific onsite needs

Virtual instructor-led courses can be particularly beneficial if you’ve been considering collaborative learning for your dispersed or global teams. This has been shown to promote deeper understanding and greater retention of the ideas and knowledge being gained. The interactivity provided by collaborative learning also enables team members to learn from each other and gain experience together – as well as reducing the time to train new and/or globally dispersed personnel, saving on travel costs, and accelerating ROI and the achievement of business objectives.

Where to begin?

Whether you’re looking to increase, update or enhance your skills, or fill any technical gaps, with over 200 courses available Polycom University has almost certainly developed training content to meet your particular needs.  And you can learn more about the options available by downloading our infographic or watching this short video on how Polycom University is key to your success.