How many communication devices are currently sitting on your desk right now? There are 5 scattered across my cubicle: phone, laptop, iPhone, Android tablet and my dedicated Group Series video system.  I realize most people won’t have a dedicated video system but I bet most of you have somewhere in the range of 3-5 devices.  Our regional office holds north of 100 people with a plethora of conference rooms equipped with some type of video or audio device.  That quickly adds up to a big headache for IT to manage.

Maybe your IT team knows this frustration all too well with logging in to each device to update software or using a FTP server and PhD degree to provision phones.  Although this might not take the majority of your time each week, I bet it is enough to grumble about to your teammates.  Finally, IT teams can work smarter, not harder by centrally managing both audio and video devices with RealPresence Resource Manager.

RealPresence Resource Manager is the management component of Polycom’s powerful video conferencing software, RealPresence Clariti, that connects me to my colleagues on all my devices, anywhere.  Not only is it managing my phone but it also manages the soft clients on my three personal devices and my dedicated video system.  All of these devices are provisioned, managed and monitored from a central location making it much simpler for IT.

Provisioning is a snap

Gone are the days of setting up FTP servers and using clunky configuration files to provision the 187 phones you need to deploy across the organization.  Simply search for a setting such as “Bluetooth” and choose to apply by individual endpoint, site, endpoint model, endpoint group or globally.  Choose from over 300 best practice standard profiles    or customize your own profiles with access to 100% of phone settings.

Keep devices up to date

With RealPresence Resource Manager, you can ensure every device is running on the same software release so everyone has the same experience.  Automate or schedule updates outside of normal working hours to minimize productivity interruption.

Minimize trouble tickets

Receive alerts on device health by email the moment a problem occurs or view all alerts on the intuitive dashboard.  After receiving an alert, you can remotely troubleshoot devices to keep your organization running smoothly.

Keep everyone focused

The customizable dashboard lets everyone focus on the important tasks for their job without having to dig through layers of irrelevant information.  Set up different types of user roles for greater control and security.

Are you ready to work smarter, not harder? Click to learn more about RealPresence Resource Manager.