What’s happening in the world of telehealth? How is this ongoing evolution impacting the healthcare environment? Where do technology vendors fit into the mix? Brad Sousa, Chief Technology Officer of AVI Systems provides his insight on all of these topics in this session of the WorkSpace Today Podcast series. Brad has over 20 years of experience in audiovisual and network systems implementation, primarily with enterprise-based systems in health care, education, global corporations and the Department of Defense.

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3 Takeaways

  • How telehealth is impacting healthcare provider efficiencies and improving quality of care.


  • Video conferencing and other collaborative technologies are changing the face of healthcare. Everything from how providers run their business to how they engage with patients is being impacted at some level.


  • Connecting healthcare providers from across the globe, telehealth applications are already being used to reduce patient wait times, save costs for both provider and patient, and improve overall quality of care.


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Key Resource:

Brad will also be a presenter at the upcoming AVI Live event (https://www.avisystems.com/events/avi-live-chicago/) May 3-4 at Soldier Field in Chicago. AVI LIVE is a free event with keynotes, professional development seminars, as well as the latest in videoconferencing technologies.