By now everyone’s had a good chuckle (or are in tears from laughing) at the video of Professor Robert Kelly being interrupted during his very serious interview with BBC World News.

1.    We’ve all been there. Any parent who has juggled work and family life has experienced an incident (or ten) like this. This episode is in the same category as the mom who shows up to the critical board meeting with spit-up on her blouse. We’re only human and it happens to the best of us.

2.    We love seeing dads in action. We’re used to seeing moms get videobombed—it’s refreshing to see a dad working flexibly too. We salute the dads!

3.    He is defying distance and everyone benefits. Professor Kelly is presumably working from his home in South Korea. The BBC benefits by featuring the best subject matter expert available regardless of his location, and Professor Kelly can join the conversation faster than if he had to get on an airplane to be on the BBC set. We benefit because this video made our day brighter. Best of all, the kids benefit because daddy’s home!

4.    This is what the future of work looks like. Flexible, balanced, global and with kids around. It looks like we’re getting used to it, because anyone commenting that this looks unprofessional is outnumbered by millions who absolutely love this guy.

5.    His laser-focus is admirable. This is LIVE television with esteemed and highly-watched BBC—imagine the pressure! His children are causing a ruckus, yet his eye contact with the camera is unwavering. Congratulations, Mr. Kelly, you’ve conquered the most distracting of all distractions. Eye contact is the most important thing (besides your kids), and you nailed it!

6.    He has great vidiquette (“video etiquette”) with his background. He has world maps, books, good lighting and all the other accessories befitting a scholarly expert in politics. Yes, the little girl in yellow steals the show with her swagger, but his background is otherwise on point. Polly Calm would be proud.

7.    A lot of things happened in this video that we can’t stop watching. Is anyone else amazed at the physics of it all? Firstly, his wife’s reflexes are nimble and lightning quick as she came sliding to the rescue. Second, the baby bouncer has great directional ability; that turn rate enabled the kid to stop on a dime and pivot toward the door.

8.    We love cute kids. Especially ones with an opinion on South Korean politics. In fact, we have a Medialign Lego set on its way to South Korea for these adorable children to play with the next time dad is on a video conference.