Advances in education technology, public policy, and student expectations are among the many drivers changing the way students that students are learning now and in the future. The Polycom Education Technology Innovation survey sought to explore the current state of education around the world, as well as what it would look like in the year 2025, and the role that technology has in supporting that. The results of the global survey reveal insights about the way students will learn, the tools they will use, and the ways in which parental participation and teacher training and engagement will evolve.

The detailed report explores student expectations for highly engaging interactive learning environments, not stagnant instructor-led designs. The results also reveal new expectations for learning technologies, and changing pedagogical methods, which are not only methods of teaching, but also the physical environments in which students are taught.

Insights into the future of education technology can prepare students, teachers and institutions for the investments and decisions they need to make to operate in the learning environment of the future.  To see the highlights of the survey results, view the infographic below:




To view the full report, go here.