Distance learning programs have been proven beneficial to a variety of students and classrooms around the world, from K12 to higher education, many educational institutions are now offering  standard courses and electives to be taught via video,  enabling educators to offer more diverse curricula and students more access and flexibility.  Although early distance learning programs  centuries ago relied on handwritten letters and connections between small groups of individuals, current technology provides broader access to more students and real time interactions that continue to improve at a rapid pace.

According to RNR market research, the global e-learning market is expected to grow by 18% between 2016 and 2020. Factors such as continuous innovaltion in e-learning tools, delivery methods, advances in technology, and availability of various virtual communication tools will result in the strong growth of the market during the forecast period. North America is the largest e-learning market, covering around 55% of the overall market share.

Despite success stories, the notion of teaching and learning outside of the physical classroom still requires a break with tradition for some.  As institutions in K12 and Higher Education continue to use video and voice technologies that offer the flexible and diverse offerings that today’s students demand, global acceptance of distance learning continues to grow.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg’s Market Minute, Polycom’s Global Director of Education, Elaine Shuck discusses critical issues in education from K12 and beyond. With the need to reach students anywhere, at any time and on any device, many schools are finding new ways to connect students around the world to new and old content alike. “As she says, Today’s learning is characterized by flexibility and diversity so educators need solutions that give their users the ability to [connect anywhere]. We have to change the way people are learning.”

Listen to the latest from  Elaine Shuck, Director of Education at Polycom for more about the importance of distance learning:


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