Thanks in large part to technology, the business function of sales is changing. The biggest imperative in today’s digital world is speed. Customers don’t have much time to interact, and salespeople can no longer spend a lot of time communicating face-to-face with customers and prospects.

Yet in the face of this need for speed, salespeople still need to build relationships. That’s the only way B2B sales happen. And it’s interactions that eventually build a strong and profitable relationship with prospects. Salespeople can’t just accelerate the outreach process, they need to demonstrate respect and genuine interest when they interact with prospects.

Implementing video into the sales process can help retain personal touch and transparency of face-to-face sales, while utilizing time much more efficiently for both parties. Video can build relationships far more effectively than email or phone, maximizing the value of the interaction and leading to more closes and business.

WorkSpace Today spoke with Rob Hornish, Vice President, Enterprise Sales at Polycom for more about how video use is changing the sales process. Hornish talks about how deploying video changes the outreach process, how Polycom has integrated video into its sales function and he shares some customer success stories.

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