More and more B2B companies are moving to a thought-leadership, content marketing strategy to capture the online attention of prospects and customers. Video content is especially effective as a content marketing tool, but often is perceived as more costly and time-consuming to produce.

This challenge will get more acute for companies serious about using video in their marketing efforts. According to numerous studies, video will account for up to 80 percent of Internet traffic by 2019. And according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, two thirds of brands are moving budget dollars away from television and into online video content, with an average budget increase of 43 percent.

Companies are doing so because video works. And it’s not just engaging audiences more effectively. According to research by the Aberdeen Group, using more video in your marketing efforts delivers other benefits as well. Companies that use video work harder to report on the effectiveness of specific content – 64 percent of video vs. 28 percent for non-video – while being almost three times as likely to be reporting across multiple delivery channels. Finally, video delivers higher conversion rates – 4.8 percent vs. 2.9 percent on average, leading to more qualified leads to share with the sales team.

So, it’s clear that larger organizations today need an efficient way to constantly produce and monetize compelling video content that reinforces their brand message.

When informal content will suffice, video content can be captured with nothing more than a webcam or mobile device. When a more polished video is required video conferencing endpoints can be paired with a Video Content Management (VCM) solution to transform any workspace into a media studio, and any SME into a video content creator. These VCMs allow marketers to deliver live or on demand videos directly to tens of thousands of viewers anywhere on the corporate network.

When your organization is creating thought-leadership presentations for speaking engagements, hosting your own conference, or inviting happy customers to your office that are willing to tell their story on camera, you have a steady stream of content to fill your video content marketing funnel. Video conferencing endpoints and a VCM give you the ability to capture and store this content from any location, rather than requiring an expensive video studio in one location.

As large organization build up a repository of valuable video content, they need an efficient and on premise way to curate it, one that not only stores the content, but makes it easily searchable by for example, tags or voice-to-text.

With companies becoming more geographically dispersed, the ability for all employees to watch an address from the CEO, for example, becomes very important. Polycom’s VCM solution, the RealPresence Media Suite, is an enterprise video recording, webcasting and portal solution that greatly simplifies the video production and internal sharing process for companies. And for external audiences, the right VCM makes it easy to share exactly the right video with audiences outside the company via a service like Akamai or YouTube.

Cardinal Health is a good example of a company using video as part of a strategic content marketing effort. Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, Cardinal Health is one of the largest healthcare supply chains in North America, delivering medical products and services so medical professionals can focus on patient care.

It’s clear from the Cardinal Health web site that the company has made a commitment to thought-leadership. In fact, a section of the site is called just that, and lists information from numerous internal subject matter experts. Much of the content is written, but there is also a well done customer video relating to diabetes education:

The company has also made an investment in the content displayed as part of their YouTube channel. Cardinal Health has sponsored the Retail Business Conference, focused on the pharmacy industry, since 1990. There are a number of promotional videos on the channel promoting the upcoming 2016 show, which will be happening on July 20-23 in Chicago, Illinois.

Companies like Cardinal Health understand that success today requires an investment in consistent, thought-leadership content. Video has proven to be the most effective type of content for demonstrating corporate thought-leadership via content marketing. And the right VCM solution allows companies to capture and curate their video content like never before. That’s the way to secure a thought-leadership advantage over competitors.