The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) established in 1949 and comprised of 28 nations, relies heavily on current and emerging technology to make some of the world’s most mission critical decisions in regards to defense and international communications. Integral to many important world decisions, NATO has to operate under consensus, meaning that all 28 nations have to agree on a decision before they can proceed.

In an environment such as NATO’s- where sensitive material is discussed and exchanged daily- it is essential that all participants have a clear understanding of what contributing individuals are sharing. Body language and eye contact are just as important to such communication as verbal elements. In fact, in situations where language barriers and cultural misunderstandings may be present, being able to interact with all participants via video can be even more paramount to effectively reaching consensus.

To speak to these challenges, the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) agency is currently participating in a pilot project in partnership with Industry. An element of the partnership, a Polycom Real Presence Centro solution was installed in Mons, Belgium in November of 2015.

The Real Presence Centro is unique to many other video conference solutions currently available, offering a 360° perspective- allowing all participants to see each other. The unit also boasts HD touch-screens, voice activation, multiple charging ports as well as an integrated whiteboard.

Polycom recently checked in with agency officials to see how the unit is performing and the impact that it is having on communication efforts. To learn more, watch the short video below: