In today’s fast-moving technology arena, the concept of Agile development is fully coming to life.

Often popular in software development, this new paradigm shift allows teams to respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences, which are known as “sprints.”

Agile development processes also serve an alternative to the traditional “waterfall” approaches where software development occurs in a linear fashion — starting with gathering the requirements and delivering the finished product at the end.

However, embracing Agile development comes with many challenges, especially for larger technology providers with teams dispersed throughout the globe. Daily white board meetings and updates between teams simply cannot happen in person.

This is why video collaboration is becoming the foundation for successful Agile development. With the right collaboration solution, it is possible to have daily update meetings, share information, and address shifting customer requirements in near real-time.

In the following WorkSpace Today podcast interview, Michael Frendo, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Engineering of Polycom, discusses how video collaboration can accelerate and enhance Agile development processes.

He also shares insights into how Polycom uses this development methodology for bringing Polycom’s solutions to life, and discusses how RealPresence Centro is a powerful tool for Agile developers. Learn more about RealPresence Centro here.