Workplace of the Future WebcastThe concept of the “Workplace of the Future” is really an evolution in how, where and when employees do their jobs. The, “Workplace of the Future,” involves work becoming something people do, and not someplace they go.

Ultimately, the emergence of new, disruptive technologies – including advanced Unified Communications and collaboration solutions – are what’s driving this evolution. Cloud computing, mobility, video collaboration and information sharing are erasing the barriers separating individuals – geographic and otherwise – and making it possible for people to collaborate, communicate, share actionable data and interact immediately wherever they’re located.

Although the, “Workplace of the Future,” concept sounds futuristic, exciting new technologies are being introduced that make this new way of working a reality today.

Some of these technologies will be announced on October 7, when Polycom will conduct a Webcast to introduce their next evolution of industry-leading collaboration solutions. This next wave of innovation from Polycom will move the power of people to the center of business, enabling radical transformation for organizations everywhere.

Webcast speakers include:

  • Peter Leav – Chief Executive Officer at Polycom
  • Ashan Willy – Senior Vice President of World Wide Systems Engineering and Product Management at Polycom
  • Michael Frendo – Executive Vice President of World Wide Engineering at Polycom
  • Jim Kruger – Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Polycom

To grab a seat and be among the first to see what the, “Workplace of the Future,” looks like, register to attend.