Colleges and universities with branch or satellite campuses aren’t the only institutions of higher learning that struggle to overcome the distance separating professors from the classes they need to teach. Schools that employ working professionals as professors often have to worry about the travel requirements of their job, and whether they’ll be able to connect with their classrooms while on the road.

This is especially true for the Manhattan School of Music (MSM), where a large percentage of the faculty is comprised of professional musicians and performing artists with extensive travel schedules.

To help enable the mobility needed to ensure professors can connect into their classrooms from a wide range of locations, the MSM turned to video teleconferencing (VTC) solutions. Utilizing these devices, the school can connect professors that are remote in hotel rooms or other locations directly to their students for real-time instruction.

However, the benefits of VTC don’t end there for the school. A large portion of the school’s students are international (61 percent). Utilizing their VTC solutions, the MSM is capable of recruiting in other countries and continents by having face-to-face conversations with students from anywhere.  Reaching out via video enables more personalized and interactive recruitment and allows prospective students to ask questions and get immediate answers about a wide range of topics, from the application and audition process, to life in New York City.

Christianne Orto, the Dean of Distance Learning and Recording Arts at MSM, recently spoke via VTC at this year’s UBTech 2014 Conference. Speaking during a breakout session hosted by Elaine Shuck, the Director of Education Solutions and Market Development at Polycom and President Elect of the United States Distance Learning Association, Christianne discussed the ways MSM is utilizing VTC today to connect their students and faculty, how it’s being utilized in recruiting and other ways VTC is empowering the school.

Here is what Christianne had to say:

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