The Polycom team attends many military technology conferences and expos during the course of the year. Over the past few years, our video teleconferencing (VTC) solutions have taken center stage as military leaders implemented them on desktops and conference rooms to expedite decision making and increase collaboration within and between the branches of the military.

However, the technologies that are gaining the most attention at recent events aren’t necessarily the desktop and conference room VTC solutions. Today’s military leaders and IT decision makers are looking increasingly at software and mobile video technologies that can turn computers and mobile devices, such as tablet computers and smartphones, into portable VTC endpoints.

These solutions enable them to push the video capabilities that they enjoy back home out to the edge – the warfighter in the field. Even better, they enable them to do so while taking advantage of the hardware and software investments that they’ve already made.

By utilizing the advanced UC solutions that turn desktop, laptop and tablet computers into comprehensive UC platforms, the military can reduce the amount and weight of equipment soldiers need to take into tactical environments. It enables the military to make information necessary to the mission available to soldiers. It also allows intelligence to come out of the battlefield to decision makers back at home in real time.

Industry leaders – Polycom, Dell, Microsoft, PacStar and AVI-SPL – will be gathering in Dubai to demonstrate the power and potential of today’s advanced UC solutions and the ways they can benefit the warfighter in the battlefield. The Unified Communications and Technology Demonstration will take place November 14-15, 2012 at the following address:

Bldg #3, Office 101
Dubai Internet City
Dubai UAE

If you’re a member of the military and are interested in registering, please email Robert Birch at Polycom. You can also find additional information and registration directions HERE.