The Polycom Federal team attended the recent GSA Training Conference and Expo 2012 last week in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. This year’s annual conferences served as a forum for GSA and other agency decision makers to interact with approved GSA vendors and discuss major IT initiatives moving forward.

During the event we were able to connect directly with hundreds of existing clients and prospects. Without a doubt, mobility was the biggest issue on every attendee’s mind. Clearly all federal agencies are looking to increase operational efficiencies, and mobility is a huge piece of that trend. In San Antonio, representatives from several government agencies were especially interested in how to empower employees to perform while on the go.

It’s for this reason that most of the attendees dropping by the Polycom booth were so interested in mobile video communication.

By embracing Unified Communications (UC) solutions, such as video teleconferencing (VTC), senior government leaders can attend events, conferences and meetings without needing to travel. However, sometimes travel is unavoidable. This is why mobile video is becoming such a popular proposition for the government.

What’s really accelerated the pace of mobile adoption in some agencies is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. Attendees we talked to were surprised to hear that Polycom’s Real Presence™ Mobile applications for iPads and Android devices are totally free. You can simply download them from iTunes or the Android Marketplace to start using high quality video on your device of choice.

Some of our booth visitors also talked about how video makes it easier to communicate the agency mission to external audiences like schools and human resources professionals. This can help address the need for government to attract talented young people looking for a rewarding career path.

Finally, we heard a lot about telework mandates. The attendees we talked to take these very seriously and were committed to making telework happen. There was a great deal of agreement that video is a powerful tool for fully connecting the teleworker to the office, and addressing the supervisory concerns of some federal managers. Making sure telework includes VTC means there will be no decrease in communication, collaboration or information sharing between workers.

Mobile technology is offering previously unheard-of agility and efficiency to government agencies. By embracing new technologies, such as mobile video communication, agencies can cut travel and training budgets without cutting back.