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    How to Keep Your Software Engineers (Happy)

    Like it or not, every business today is in the software business. Companies of every size and industry... Read More »


    Make Video Collaboration So Easy, It’s Boring

    In the beginning, video conferencing technology often got a bad rap from IT departments and end users as... Read More »

    Customer Service

    The Power of ‘Thank You’ in Customer Service

    It’s that time of year when Americans think about all the things for which they’re grateful. Hopefully one... Read More »

    Customer Service

    The Secret to Reducing Front Desk Costs Without Sacrificing Customer Service

    Companies in every industry actively seek ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Digital technologies are proving to... Read More »

    Information Technology

    Enterprises Need to Work With a Recognized Video Leader

    Few business observers today would argue the fact that video has an important role in the modern workspace.... Read More »

    Information Technology

    Seven Ways to Transform Doldrum Meetings into Collaborative Hot Spots

    It’s difficult to think of a business process or task that has been left untouched over the past... Read More »


    Quantifying (and Reforming) a Toxic Work Environment

    Among the leadership team inside a typical large enterprise, the CFO is usually expected to have the most... Read More »


    Building the Best Engineering Team Means Stop Looking for “Super Chickens”

    With engineering teams being tasked with solving problems and meeting product launch deadlines faster than ever before, many... Read More »

    Human Resources

    The Hidden Cost Savings in Flexible Work Schedules (Hint: It’s Not Productivity)

    Increased productivity is often touted as the primary benefit of flexible work schedules. After all, less time driving... Read More »

    Marketing and Sales

    Video Interview: The Impact of Video on Sales

    Thanks in large part to technology, the business function of sales is changing. The biggest imperative in today’s... Read More »

    Information Technology

    Tips for a Successful Migration to Office 365 Cloud Voice

    By adding voice capabilities to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft created a unified voice solution in the cloud. This... Read More »

    Customer Service

    Deliver Five-Star Service with Simple Communication Techniques

    Travel sites estimate that there’s anywhere from 187,000 to as many as 400,000 hotels around the world.... Read More »


    Avoid Looking Terrible on Video with 3 Simple Adjustments

    Large enterprises typically operate with employees spread across the globe, and video conferencing solutions are commonly used by... Read More »


    CFO and CHRO Collaboration Makes Financial Sense

    It’s no secret that effective collaboration within business functions can improve workplace performance. But what is the corporate... Read More »


    Improve Engineer Engagement to Solve Problems Faster

    Employee engagement is accepted as an important contributor to the success of both a company and its employees.... Read More »


    Workplace by Facebook: What It Means for Video in the Enterprise

    Chances are good you’ve used video conferencing in the past month – and you’re not alone. Your employees... Read More »