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    Identify and Invest in Your Business Type

    Technology is rapidly changing the business landscape. Industries are no longer clearly defined. The advent of the smartphone... Read More »

    Customer Service

    Enhance Customer Experience Using Video

    Customers want their expectations met always, and exceeded whenever possible. They will remain loyal to brands that deliver... Read More »


    Thinking Outside the Cube: How Flexible Work Schedules Kindle the Creative Spark

    “I get really inspired by my cubicle walls,” said no one ever. Rarely are office workers inspired by... Read More »


    High-Impact CFOs Enable Strategic Conversations

    CFOs today face two realities: a high turnover rate and the call to play a more strategic role... Read More »

    Human Resources

    Fire Faster – Or Hire Better?

    “You can never fire too early.” That’s a provocative expression common in the venture capital community, and the... Read More »

    Customer Service

    Video Interview: Improved Customer Service as a Market Imperative

    Financial services organizations need to rethink their customer service and execute differently to respond effectively in the current... Read More »

    Customer Service

    Video: Putting a New Face on Customer Service

    The consumerization of technology has driven companies to rethink their approach to technology. In customer service, for example... Read More »


    Collaboration and Innovation Help Enterprises Be Competitive

    “Innovate or die” is the mantra for business success today. Any company can come up with one or... Read More »


    How Leader Authenticity Increases Employee Productivity and Loyalty

    How well do your employees know you? Really know you?

    Believe it or not, the kind of relationship you... Read More »

    Human Resources

    Modern Collaboration Solutions Can Help Large Enterprises Drive Innovation Just As Swiftly as Startups

    It seems that every digital disruption/innovation story we hear about comes out of a startup. We have all... Read More »

    Marketing and Sales

    How to Enable Collaboration Between Marketing and IT

    It’s an exciting time to be a CMO. You have more data at your disposal than ever before... Read More »

    Information Technology

    Video: Intuitive User Experience – Key to Video Collaboration Adoption

    Companies looking to unlock the productivity of their employees need to focus on providing a great user experience... Read More »

    Customer Service

    Connecting Distributed Customer Support Teams with Video

    The days of companies housing customer support under one roof to provide exceptional service is vanishing. Today, more... Read More »


    VIDEO: The Escape from “Cube-Topia”

    What exactly is changing in today’s workspace? Companies know they must evolve from the much lampooned “cube-topia” office... Read More »


    Cross-Functional Collaboration Helps Finance Make Sound Decisions for the Business

    Cross-functional collaboration within an enterprise leads to improved business performance. When cross-functional business teams effectively collaborate everyone is... Read More »


    Encourage Innovation with an Internal Startup Incubator

    Gaining and keeping a competitive advantage is a challenge in-and-of itself, but it’s nearly impossible when your... Read More »


    How to Put Video to Work for Competitive Advantage

    You’ve probably heard it said that video is the new document. Aragon Research estimates that by the... Read More »