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    Pitney Bowes Simplifies Communications With New Polycom RealConnect for Office 365

    Information Technology Inside Polycom

    2017.03.27 Time. No one has enough. Projects, tasks, briefings, meetings… anything that gets in the way of efficiency leads... Read More »

    CFOs can Hire the (New) Best Talent with Video Conferencing


    2017.03.22 Gone are the days of CFOs hiring young finance talent who will sit in a back office all... Read More »

    The Price of Too Much Collaboration


    2017.03.20 Forty hours. That’s all you should take—from your employees, that is. It’s up to you to make sure... Read More »

    Video Enabling STEM Education and the Maker Movement – Interview with Sheryl Soleto


    2017.03.16 Providing a quality educational experience is hard anywhere. It’s especially hard in the geographic expanses of rural Alaska.

    In... Read More »

    Conference Focuses on Advancing Telehealth


    2017.03.15 As patients and providers alike realize the benefits of a rapidly expanding telehealth industry, there is one resource... Read More »

    8 Things We Love about this BBC Interview Video

    Inside Polycom

    2017.03.10 By now everyone’s had a good chuckle (or are in tears from laughing) at the video of... Read More »